Paul Miyamoto
Linda Ronstadt
Lillian Phan and Alec Pickering
Kara Swisher
Tom Sweeney

Movers and Shakers.

It's no secret that I am a elephant-sized fan of San Francisco and it's where I wake up (almost) everyday. That's why I was thrilled to illustrate portraits of local prominent people for one my favorite local papers, The Nob Hill Gazette. 

I'm SF history obsessed too so here's a bit of background on this publication: "The Nob Hill Gazette was founded in 1978 by San Francisco businessman and socialite Gardner Mein, who operated the title until 1986. The magazine, which provides a people-focused account of San Francisco culture, philanthropy and accomplishment, is home-delivered to San Francisco's most exclusive neighborhoods, including Pacific Heights, Nob Hill, Seacliff, Russian Hill, the Marina and others."

Client – The Nob Hill Gazette

Art director – Matt Petty

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